Staff management - add user roles for your team members

When you have several people accessing your AbcSubmit admin, it's a good idea to create staff accounts for each person. With staff accounts, you can set staff account permissions and let other people access your AbcSubmit account, without giving them access to sensitive information. Having individual staff accounts can also help you to keep track of recent changes and events on your forms, websites or shop's timeline.
Manage staff and user roles on AbcSUbmit

User Roles

Add individual user roles for your admin account by inviting staff using email invitation and assign your staff to your desired department.

You can use your staff accounts in your workflows, email notifications and email approvals.

 Improved flexibility of the organization and manage your company members from one single place.

Group Roles

Group roles are perfect for department based permissions, where you want a specific department to have specific permissions.

You can assign new users to a group when you send the invitation link.

Your groups will also be available in forms and in workflows notification creation.

Available permissions for your staff

  1. Can manage company – account can create users, groups and manage company settings if you want so.
  2. Access to forms and websites – enable or disable acces to your forms or websites.
  3. Access to form and shop workflows – decide if workflows are available or not to a group or user.
  4. Access to uploaded files – enable access to your AbcSubmit storage for users.
  5. Access to form submissions and orders – you can choose who can see your form submissions and orders.

Authentication sources 

From authentication sources you can configure how your team members can join your company automatically without the need for an invitation.

This allows you to integrate various authentication mechanisms your company already supports, so that you can manage all your accounts from a single point of administration.

Available authentication sources for company staff on AbcSubmit

Invite your users through email

With AbcSubmit is easy to invite sigle or multiple users to join your company uaing custom email messages.

You only have to click from AbcSubmit dashboard “Invite New Users” and fill the form to send invite link.

Become a team player with AbcSubmit colaboration features and keep your team in the loop.

Assign multiple users to your chosen groups when you send the invitation link.


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